Want YOUR Content Reviewed?

Uncle-SamIf you are involved in the arts scene on any level and would like to see your talents reviewed on this site send an e-mail to reviewslikeachamp@gmail.com and let me know! I’m interested in reviewing anything – music, film, tv, scripts, books, comics, etc… Let me know and we’ll chat!

Disclaimer: Just because I have agreed to review your album/comic/film/script/book/etc – doesn’t mean that it’s going to get a positive review. I will not be showing any preferential bias through my reviews and there may be times that we agree to disagree. I will be reviewing your content on a) the talent exhibited and b) how I as a listener/viewer/reader am able to partake in your talents.

That disclaimer being said I am a huge fan of the local arts scenes and truly do look forward to exploring new and independent ideas through the use of this site!

Look forward to hearing from you!

– Champ Out


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