Ickoo: The Pussification of America – A Music Review


Ickoo has been making breakcore and electronic music in Houston Texas since 1994. He recently released his 7th Project: The Pussification of America. There are 4 songs on Ickoo’s 16 minute EP The Pussification of America and for the most part the only lyrics you will hear are the repeated lyrics of the title. Maybe it’s a stylistic genre of this trance-electronica – breakcore music that I just don’t understand, but even when it comes to musically speaking, each song sounds the same. It sounds like a demonic orgy with a never-stopping multi-car pileup happening in the background and I guess there’s a market for that.

Ickoo at AvalonThe Pussification of America is absolutely vile. I wish I could articulate my displeasure at having listened to this EP more effectively than simply using the world vile, but it’s hard. There are a lot of presumptions that I am technically presuming Ickoo makes when you sit down to listen to this… noise. The first is that America has become “pussified” (whatever that technically means) the second presumption is that you’ll be able to make the connection from song title to political ideation. And if I’m completely off track on that line of thinking and the song entitled “My P*ssy Belongs to Daddy” is not a comparison of the American people being owned by “daddy” or big government and simply is just the lyrics “My p*ssy belongs to daddy” repeated over and over again for entertainment sake, I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.

IckooI’m not sure if the second track, Kristi Yamaguchi (It’s About That Time), is supposed to be a tribute to the American figure-skater, or not. Once again the drum & bass, jungle trip hop beats deafen the senses to only be able to accept the repetitive lyrics of “Kristi Yamaguchi. It’s About That Time”, and repeat, and repeat, and repeat.  Tyra’s Fivehead, the third album on the EP is quite literally a sh*tty song with the subtitle “Dookie’s Tooch.”

Ickoo SpinningThe final track on the album, F*ck Monsanto is perhaps the only song on this album that possesses any real content and was one that I didn’t cringe at when I listened to the EP a second and third time. It should be noted that this final track, F*ck Monsanto features Virus B-23 and Black White Mike, which may have something to do with it, but I can’t say I’ve listened to either of those artists to be able to do a full comparison.

Ickoo 2I really wish that I could have enjoyed this album more. I do like exploring new musical genres and artists I have never heard of, but maybe I just don’t do enough bath salts to enjoy this album. So, I’ll end with telling you who I think this album was specifically made for. This album is for you if you have ever found yourself drinking rubbing alcohol in a dirty truck-stop bathroom stall somewhere along the I-95 in North Carolina. This album is for you if you’re the kind of thrill seeker who gets off by hooking car batteries up to your testicles and shooting bleach into your veins for fun. This album is for you if you like to trip balls on acid and go streaking at Monster Truck Rallies, while the trucks are racing around the arena.  This album is for you if you drink your own homebrewed moonshine; sh*t so strong it will make you bleed from your eyes. Can’t say the album is for me… but then again, it’s not for everyone!

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