Bret Welty: Unlimited Edition – A Music Review

Bret Welty LiveBret Welty is a jack of all trades when it comes to his musical abilities. He’s a blues and rock songwriter, singer and overall performer who has been honing his trade for over 25 years. August 23rd sees the release of his latest album Unlimited Edition full of blues and rock anthems founded in American patriotism, religion and all around good times.

There is so much in Welty’s musical genre styles that I love and each song has its very own uniqueness to it. The tracks do carry a lot of the religious sentiment that old school blues and country songs proselyted, but despite the overt religious context to many of the tracks there is definitely something for everyone on this album.

One track, Black and Blues, stands out as a sultry jazz ballad where the music takes a touch of a backseat to a much deeper lyrical exploration. It also gives Welty a chance to showcase a more subtle vocal set, where he demonstrates his range as a musician in every facet. It also features one of the albums best guitar solos at the mid-point, reminiscent of a Jeff Beck style solo.

 Bret Welty ArtBaby Come Back is just a whole lot of fun. Classic blues style where it’s just too much damn fun. Welty’s playful baritone vocals are accented by his skillful guitar playing that never seems to falter throughout this album.

A lot of the tracks feature great harmonica riffs, playful rhythmic guitar spots and a driving drumbeat that keeps everything on point. There are no weak tracks on this album, although there are a handful that just really stand out. Sunny Day is the perfect the song to follow Baby Come Back as it continues in the same musical vein. No Fakin It For You adds more of a classic rock feel to the album.

One of my favourite tracks on the album is Bring ‘Round That Chariot which mixes the lyrical feel of an old spiritual tune with a bluesy jazz baseline, a rocking rhythm guitar and a youthful exuberance to the content.  Finally you can’t have this album without its title track Unlimited Edition more of a country-rock anthem than anything else, but it really seems to capitalize on everything that Welty carefully unpacks as this album plays out.

Bret WeltyOne of the reasons I keep this website going is because I love to discover new music and I love to share what’s good… and what’s not so good. Bret Welty definitely fits into the: what’s good category! Unlimited Edition is an album that is definitely worth the time and could quite easily become an album that I feel obligated to pop into my car whenever I travel to the United States as it perfectly captures how I imagine all American Patriots want their music to feel and sound.

For more on Bret Welty check out his website!


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